Architectural Wall Systems

AFAB T9/T9Z Colors & Finishes

The AFAB T9 has a variety of colors and finishes available.


T9 FINISHES: Anodized, Zinc*


*NOW AVAILABLE: The [New] T9Zall the attributes of the T9 System while using the natural appeal and properties of Zinc!

T9Z COLORS: Blue-Gray and Graphite-Gray [Brochure Below]

T9 Wall Panel System with Kameleon Color Shifting Painted Finish


The T9 Wall Panel System with Kamelon Color Shifting Painted Finish!

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3D Panel View

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AFAB T9 Trims

AFAB T9 Wall Panel System

Single Skin Panel System

  • Solid aluminum, not laminated
  • Modular Design
  • Various shapes, sizes, and three-dimensional
  • .080 or .063 Aluminum (.050/.040 option for smaller sized panels)
  • Unlimited Color Choices
    • Kynar painted, anodized, perforated, copper, zinc, and many other materials
      • Finish warranties up to 30 years
    • Very Economical


Interlocking/overlapping on all 4 sides, only fastened on the top side

  • Quick installation with fewer fasteners required
  • Adjustable up to ¼” any direction
    • Keep the panels level and plumb along the entire wall with this adjustability


Fully Tested: Air, Water, Structural, and Pressure Equalized

  • E283, E331, E330, and AAMA 508 Pressure Equalized Compliant
  • Weep holes along the bottom of the panel
    • Vents the system for pressure equalization
    • Allows moisture to exit the system


Sustainable and green.

  • 100% recyclable aluminum.
  • Local sources of materials
  • No plastics, composites, or fire accelerants.

No Wet Joints

  • No time consuming caulking and sealants
  • No mess and cleanup
  • No butyl tape


Full Package Fabrication

  • All trim details standard or custom
  • Custom trim details for unforeseen job conditions or circumstances
  • Z girts, hat channels and strapping


Rapid Response fabrication

  • Rapid releases for each area
  • No need to release the entire job at once and wait 16 weeks
  • Staged releases eliminating truckloads of crates of panels sitting on a job site for weeks
  • Avoid panel damage and/or “lost” panels.
  • Rapid Response to emergency panels or trim needs.
    • We will pre-order the necessary materials required (and extra) for the job.
    • We fabricate the job in a progression as fast as you can install it.
    • If you need a custom panel, or have a damage panel, we can fabricate it as soon as the same day to keep the job progressing along


All shapes, sizes, and 3 Dimensional