Architectural Wall Systems

AFAB T9/T9Z Colors & Finishes

The AFAB T9 has a variety of colors and finishes available.


T9 FINISHES: Anodized, Zinc*


*NOW AVAILABLE: The [New] T9Zall the attributes of the T9 System while using the natural appeal and properties of Zinc!

T9Z COLORS: Blue-Gray and Graphite-Gray [Brochure Below]

T9 Wall Panel System with Kameleon Color Shifting Painted Finish


The T9 Wall Panel System with Kamelon Color Shifting Painted Finish that appears to change color when viewed from different angles or changing light.

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T9 Panels painted with AAMA 2605 Powder Coating


Our T9 Wall Panel System with AAMA 2605 Powder Coating!

AFAB T9 wood grain aluminum


The T9 Wall Panel System with wood grain material provided by Alfrex!

AFAB T9 Wall Panel System

Single Skin Panel System

  • Solid aluminum, not laminated
  • Modular Design
  • Various shapes, sizes, and three-dimensional
  • .080 or .063 Aluminum (.050/.040 option for smaller sized panels)
  • Unlimited Color Choices
    • Kynar painted, anodized, perforated, copper, zinc, and many other materials
      • Finish warranties up to 30 years
    • Very Economical


Interlocking/overlapping on all 4 sides, only fastened on the top side

  • Quick installation with fewer fasteners required
  • Adjustable up to ¼” any direction
    • Keep the panels level and plumb along the entire wall with this adjustability


Fully Tested: Air, Water, Structural, and Pressure Equalized

  • E283, E331, E330, and AAMA 508 Pressure Equalized Compliant
  • Weep holes along the bottom of the panel
    • Vents the system for pressure equalization
    • Allows moisture to exit the system


Sustainable and green.

  • 100% recyclable aluminum.
  • Local sources of materials
  • No plastics, composites, or fire accelerants.

No Wet Joints

  • No time consuming caulking and sealants
  • No mess and cleanup
  • No butyl tape


Full Package Fabrication

  • All trim details standard or custom
  • Custom trim details for unforeseen job conditions or circumstances
  • Z girts, hat channels and strapping


Rapid Response fabrication

  • Rapid releases for each area
  • No need to release the entire job at once and wait 16 weeks
  • Staged releases eliminating truckloads of crates of panels sitting on a job site for weeks
  • Avoid panel damage and/or “lost” panels.
  • Rapid Response to emergency panels or trim needs.
    • We will pre-order the necessary materials required (and extra) for the job.
    • We fabricate the job in a progression as fast as you can install it.
    • If you need a custom panel, or have a damage panel, we can fabricate it as soon as the same day to keep the job progressing along


All shapes, sizes, and 3 Dimensional