About AFAB

AFAB is an architectural sheet metal shop located just outside of Indianapolis, IN.  We fabricate metal for the cold storage construction industry including heavy gauge angles, tracks, and channels, door opening wraps, as well as embossed metal trims.


We fabricate many various commercial roof edges such as coping, fascia, drip edge, gutter, downspout, and any metal related to commercial roofing.  AFAB is ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 tested in certified.

We also fabricate many various brake metal items and curtain wall clips for the glass and glazing industry.

AFAB also fabricates many various sheet metal items for building exteriors such as z girts, hat channels, strapping, and trims and just about any other metal needed for your construction project.

AFAB is a family owned business that started in 1984 by Bob and Julie Reeve.   Current owner and son, Brandon Reeve, purchased Bob and Julie’s stock in 2008.

We solve our customers’ needs with our rapid response.  We add value by helping our customers to order metal easily and quickly.  We take the ordering process over to make it simple which allows our customers to move on to other tasks.

Whether you need 30,000 LF of metal delivered to a job in California next week, or 30 LF of metal to finish up a job in an hour, AFAB will take care of you.

Although we have grown, we still operate like the small mom and pop business.  We are always available, respond to calls and emails fast, and are always willing to solve your job problems.  Being larger, we still are a family business, and we treat our employees and customers like family too.

About Brandon Reeve

I grew up and lived my whole life in the Indianapolis surrounding areas.  I began working in the family business when I was 16 years old, every summer and other breaks through high school and college.  I went to Indiana University Kelly School of Business graduating in 1995.  I spent 6 years outside of the family business in outside industrial sales.  When the family business needed an exit plan and I wanted to eventually take over the business and run it.  So I then left my sales position, came back to AFAB.  I went back to work in the shop fabricating metal.  I spent 6 years as a fabricator in the shop, which has taught me everything about fabrication which I still use today.  I have learned a lot from working in the shop that helps me understand quoting jobs, fabrication limitations, and I have even learned a lot by making mistakes.  I can still go back in the shop and fabricate metal to this day. The company began to struggle due to my father’s health problems.  It was either time to leave and let the business go under, or take over the leadership and help re-build the company.  I decided to purchase the company from my mom and dad.  I set forth AFAB to diversify into other industries that we still cater to today.  We have grown 10X since with further diversification, automation, innovation, and hiring and grooming fabricators and managers.


1 Robotic Fabrication Cell

Brake metal and Girts up to 3/16” (7 ga.) steel and ¼” aluminum

Structural clips up to ½” steel plate Brakes and shears up to 12’ long

4 Digital CNC Folders

2 Digital CNC Press Brakes

1 Fully Automated Up/Down Folder

5 Digital CNC Shears

2 CNC Turret Punch Presses

1 Plasma Table


Small Paint Booth